UX Everywhere !


As we can access the information we search, we want to post what we have. But trying to show all kinds of information at the same time can lead to complexity. The user experience is not a structure in which the user is free. In the framework of the rules and analyzes, it is the users to follow a certain way. Your mind is valid for every channel you may come across. For example, when you walk in a store, you are guaranteed to see all the products, the way in and out are determined accordingly.

Or consider an e-commerce page, find the product we are looking for, see the campaigns, use our promotional code, and easily come to the payment page. We even get a product that offers the opportunity to pay for shipping charges. We will write down instead of the forward button, causing too many shortcut users to disappear, and with the "buy" redirect, we can make it easy and quick for the user to decide where to go.

For example, while the visual balance between the product catalog and the pages ensures that the images fit in with the text, it is also important that where and how a cattle can see and emphasize the highlight. Flow, contexts, tools are constructed for user benefit balance. Usability is the process that is created by including the rules in the parameters resulting from many analyzes and reports. Knowing the impact of every business we make on the user experience makes it more exciting.